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Bite alarm sets

When it comes to buying a carp fishing outfit, bite alarms are part and parcel of the modern day set-up. In fact, the advantages that they offer have led to them being used in just about every type of freshwater fishing in the UK, to a certain degree.

In this article, we take a look at some of the advantages of buying a complete set, as opposed to individual alarms, and show you a few of those that are currently on the market.

It’s no secret that some items of fishing tackle are quite expensive, and bite alarms can be a perfect example with top end items from brands such as Fox and Delkim selling for well over one hundred pounds each, so when looking for a complete set up you’d have to mortgage the house! Luckily, there are alternatives, some of which offer a complete set for less than the cost of one top end alarm!

With budget being critical for many of us, it seems silly to spend hundreds of pounds on a complete set when you could save yourself a fortune and invest that money elsewhere in your set up, and what’s more, we’re not all carpaholics who spend every waking second on the bank, so why spend a huge amount on something that’s only going to see the light of day a few times each year?

Whilst the adage that you often get what you pay for may well ring true in some cases, it has to be said that with advancements in some areas of fishing tackle ‘ not to mention cheap imports ‘ bite alarms are getting cheaper and cheaper all the time, yet they come loaded with more and more quality features. What’s more, many of the sets nowadays come complete with a remote receiver. Receivers have come a long way over the years and new technology has done away with messy wires and plugs. Receivers give you the freedom to move around your swim in comfort knowing that when the alarm sounds, the signal will be remotely transmitted to the receiver which you keep with you in the same instant.

The other advantage is that you can keep the volume down, which tends to please everyone else on the lake. Many carp anglers will tell you that nothing winds them up more than continually hearing other people’s alarms going off, whether it’s for a run, the wind or simply because they’ve just cast out and can’t be bothered to turn them off whilst sorting out their hanger or swinger!